YORKWrites Salutes Transnational Legal Theory

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A new quarterly journal called Transnational Legal Theory is a project emanating from Osgoode Hall Law School and financially supported by The Jack and Mae Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime and Security at York University.

The new journal seeks to be the leading venue for theoretical writing on both transnational dimensions of law and legal dimensions of transnational relations.

Craig Scott, Professor at  Osgoode Hall Law School and Director of the Nathanson Centre,  is  Convening Editor. Professor Scott notes that “we exceeded our expectations with the editorial team we have gathered around this initiative, which includes a global who’s who of scholars working in this field we are calling ‘transnational legal theory.'”

Scott added, “Despite being constantly invited into new projects and usually having to say no, the members of both the Editorial Committee and the Board of Editors almost to a person said they wanted to be part of this specific journal and to play the active role required of all editors because they felt that the journal was addressing a scholarly niche that very much needs a flagship publication and was conceived in the right way to make a major impact.”

While the journal has no permanent institutional home and in that sense is intended to be truly transnational in nature, it was made possible “by the tremendous intellectual energy and concentration of scholars who think about law in its transnational dimensions at York, both at Osgoode and in other departments of York such as Law and Society, Philosophy, Sociology and Criminology.”

York Professors involved in the project include:

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The first issue of Transnational Legal Theory will be published by Hart Publishing (UK) in Winter of 2010.

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